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Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer
Capacity: 40 - 5,400 SCFM
Dew Points: -100°F, -40°F, -4°F & +38°F
Models: DSE/DSS/DHD-40 - DSE/DSS/DHD-5,400
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

Durability and economy are requirements for most common industrial heatless drying applications. DSE, DSS and DHD Series industrial grade dryers deliver consistent performance and reliability with dew points to -100°F. The DSE/DSS/DHD Series dryers offer great flexibility to end users with 4 dew point performance options, +38°F, -4°F, -40°F and -100°F. There are 18 size models with a flow range of 40 SCFM to 5400 SCFM. There are three (3) application specific controller options:

  • DSE Series – Automatic energy savings with EMS Energy Management, saving valuable purge air.
  • DSS Series – Controller with purge economizer and load selectable savings.
  • DHD Series – Pure and simple electronic timer based control.
  • Mounted pre and after filter options with the Pneumatic Products Brand High Efficiency Filters used on the premium DHA Series dryer products.
  • AccuShift™ switching valves cycle tested to 500,000 cycles equal to almost 5 years of trouble free operation.

Features & Benefits

  • AccuShift™ non-lubricated switching valves with one moving part.
  • Application engineered Series designs.
  • ISO 8573.1 Moisture Class 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • NEMA 4 rated electrics.
  • ASME and CRN registered pressure vessels.
  • Pre-mounted prefilter and afterfilter (other mounting options available: duplex, block and bypass valves).


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DSE/DSS/DHD Series - Desiccant Dryer