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DM Series

Del-Monox Breathing Air Purifier
Capacity: 18 - 1,130 SCFM
Standards: OSHA, CSA, CGA, ANSI
Models: DM 15 - DM 940
Manufacturer: Deltech

The DM series (Del-Monox®) air purification systems provide a highly effective means to control exposure to respiratory hazards in the work place. For more than half-a-century workers around the world have experienced the benefits of the Del-Monox® system.

To achieve these safe breathing levels supplied to air respirators, hoods and masks quality breathing air must not come from a compressor alone. The Del-Monox® offers a compressed air source that is independent of the surrounding atmosphere scrubbing away a variety of contaminants from the ambient and compression processes.

The BAP meets these standards:

  • OSHA: CFR1910.134
  • CSA: CAN3-Z180.1-00
  • CGA: Pamphlet G-7
  • ANSI: Z88.2-1080


Features & Benefits

  • Low-pressure purifiers for continuous use.
  • Low-pressure disposable cartridge units for intermittent or short-term use.
  • High-pressure purifiers for filling cascade systems or self-contained air bottles.
  • NEMA 4/4X Controls with LED indicators.
  • On/off switch with two power recovery modes.
  • Switching failure alarm.
  • Adjustable service indications.
  • Tower and Valve status LEDs.
  • Voltage free common alarm contacts.
  • RS-232 communications port.
  • Pressure Gauges for left and right towers, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, and purge pressure.
  • Color change moisture indication.


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DM Series - Breathing Air Purifiers