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Air Knife Series

Air Knife Drying Systems
Lengths: 1" - 196"
Sizes: 2", 3", and 4"
Materials: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Manufacturer: Republic

Republic Air Knife Drying Systems are custom designed for your specific application. With our special accessories you can direct air flow to the precise spot that you need it without introducing other contaminants.

These air knife systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide a 100% dry parts prior to labeling, ink jet coding, packaging or other secondary operations. The air knife assembly is available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel, with lengths from 1" up to 196" and with an adjustable gap for proper air stream control.

Additionally, the air velocity can be adjusted in the field with an optional butterfly or dampener valve to provide the appropriate pressure and air stream as required by the process. Multiple air knife and nozzle combinations can be connected to a manifold assembly, which in turn is powered by a single motor/blower system.


  • Drying of: Bottles and cans, Coiled steel, Wire and cable, Hanging parts, Extrusions, hose, plastics and film, Batteries Confectionery and food toppings, Medicine vials, Stampings, forgings, machined parts, Textiles and carpeting, Packaged meat, fish and, poultry products, Produce–fruits and vegetables
  • Conveyor belt cleaning or drying
  • Static control
  • Air curtain to prevent hot air loss in an oven
  • Air curtain to prevent cold air loss in a freezer
  • Debris, dust, or liquid blow off
  • Coating control of primers, glue, adhesives and inks
  • Plastics sheets, film/wire


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Air Knife Series - Compressor Blowers