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Crystal-Line Series

Crystal-Line Intake Air Filter System
Design:4 Stage Filtration
Removal: Corrosive Chemical Contaminants
Models: CLI
Manufacturer: NAFCO

NAFCO’s Crystal-line intake air filter system helps remove corrosive chemical contaminants from compressed air. Trace quantities of hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and other chemical contaminants are present in the air around industrial sites. These chemicals create corrosion and damage compressor internals and downstream equipment.

Crystal-line media contains impregnated zeolite and impregnated activated carbon. Model CLI uses potassium permanganate to adsorb corrosive gases through oxidation. Model CLI is low dusting. Compared to competitive alumina chemisorbents CLI produces 90% less dust. Model CLII features impregnated activated carbon specially enhanced to remove selective acid gases and chlorides. CLII uses a high quality coconut shell granular activated carbon with a surface area of 1100 M2 per gram. 

Crystal-Line 4-Stage System

  • Stage 1 – 10 µm 98% efficient pre-filter
  • Stage 2 – Two Crystal-line filter media panels. Panels are selected to address specific air contaminants.
  • Stage 3 – 4 µm 98% efficient filter behind crystal-line panels to protect stage 4 final filters
  • Stage 4 – 0.3 µm 99.7% efficient final filter


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NAFCO Crystal-Line Filters