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PLH Series

Refilco®'s PLH Series Cartridge
Collapse Pressure: 75 PSID
Min./Max. Temp.: - 20°F - 250°F
Models: Refilco®'s PLH
Manufacturer: NAFCO

Refilco®'s PLH Series cartridge is designed to provide superior filtration in a wide range for fluid applications. Utilizing advanced synthetic media pleated with epoxy coated wire backing, PLH Series cartridges can withstand long-term use without softening or deteriorating, especially in the presence of water.

The combination of the multi-layer microglass and polyester media pleated with the rigid wire backing optimizes filtration and flow capacities. The synthetic fiber matrix design increases pore volume per unit area, providing for high flow rates and precise filtration efficiencies.

The PLH Series is available in a wide range of micron ratings to meet the demands for filtration of mineral oils, synthetic fluids, non-potable water, water based fluids and chemicals.


PLH Series cartridges are recommended for a wide range of industrial applications where increased structural integrity and performance are demanded.

  • Turbine lube oil
  • Compressor lube and seal oil
  • High water based fluids
  • Cutting coolants
  • Fuels
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Rolling mill oil
  • Chemicals
  • Glycols and amines
  • Synthetic based fluids


Manufacturer's Website

NAFCO Refilco®'s PLH Series Cartridge