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Silica Gel

Silica Gel
Purpose: Drying Air and Most Natural Gases
Bead Sizes: .14" (custom sizes available)
Quantity: Large Variety of Sizes

Silica gel is a very effective desiccant for drying air and often used to dry natural gas. Silica gel has excellent static adsorption at mid inlet relative humidity. Due to its uniform bead size and high bulk density silica gel beads minimize nesting and channeling within the dryer. Large volume drying applications use silica gel because it offers premium drying performance and an energy cost savings compared to other desiccant.

Silica gel is odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive, with stable chemical and thermal characteristics. Interconnected pores form a vast surface area, silica gel can adsorb moisture 40% or up of its weight at 100% humidity.


  • -80°F dew points obtainable
  • Susceptible to liquid and thermal fracture; recommend using an activated alumina pre-buffer
  • Most common on heat regenerated systems
  • Low regeneration temperatures, 250°F to 500°F



  • Moisture removal at 40%RH:
    23%/wt (grade 1) 18%/wt (grade 2)
  • Moisture removal at 60%RH:
    34%/wt (grade 1) 29%/wt (grade 2)
  • Moisture removal at 100%RH:
    40%/wt (grade 1)
  • Crush Strength (lbs):
    45 (grade 1) 27 (grade 2)
  • Abrasion Loss (%/wt):


IPS has vast experience selecting desiccant to cost-effectively dry gas streams and can help you find the best drying solution. Contact us at (215) 675-8670 or email us to discuss an optimized desiccant solution for your application.