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MBV Series

Timer Operated Drain Valves
Temperature Min/Max °F: 34 - 140
Operating Pressure: 0 - 600 psig
Models: MBV500 - MBV1000
Manufacturer: SPX Pneumatic Products

Reliable and economical, timer operated drain valves allow regular drainage at pre-determined user selectable time intervals. Designed for use wherever liquids may accumulate in a compressed air system. User selectable open-time and off-time drain intervals allow you to adapt the drain times to meet your specific requirements. Ensures regular drainage will occur at fixed intervals.

Features & Benefits

  • Motorized ball valve for automatic draining of large-flow systems plagued with rust and sludge.
  • 10 cycle settings from 4 minutes to 24 hours between drain periods.
  • 10 cycle settings from 7 seconds to 15 minutes valve open duration.
  • Battery back-up, Viton o-rings and Teflon seals.


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ADV Series - Drain Valves